ReVerb is a program that automatically identifies and extracts binary relationships from English sentences. ReVerb is designed for Web-scale information extraction, where the target relations cannot be specified in advance and speed is important.

To get a better idea of what ReVerb does:


ReVerb is released under an academic license. For instructions on how to run ReVerb or use it in your own code, please see the README file (also included in the download).


A collection of 15 million ReVerb extractions is available for academic use. The extractions are the result of running ReVerb on the ClueWeb09 dataset. Please review the information in the README_data.txt. Also, consider downloading the smaller sample of Wikipedia-only extractions before downloading the full set.

Labeled data from the experiments in the EMNLP 2011 paper is available here.


ReVerb was developed by the following people at the University of Washington's Turing Center as part of the KnowItAll Project:

ReVerb uses the following code and data, which are included in the release:


Please send all questions, comments, and bugs to the the ReVerb mailing list.